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Step into spring : our favorite shoes to wear this season

As the chill of winter fades and the flowers begin to bloom, it's time to refresh our wardrobes with the latest spring styles. This season, we're focusing on four fabulous niche shoe brands that combine comfort, style, and sustainability: Humaya, Vandrélaar, Meeko, and MoEa. Each brand brings something unique to the table, ensuring that you'll find the perfect pair (or pairs!) to complement your spring outfits. Let's dive into our top picks for this season!



Humaya: The epitome of elegant comfort

Humaya is known for its meticulous craftsmanship and luxurious materials, making it a go-to brand for those who value both elegance and comfort. This spring, we're obsessed with their Orange Fernando Slingbacks. These shoes are a testament to the beauty of simplicity, with their sleek lines and subtle details. Crafted from the finest leather and available in a range of pastel hues, they effortlessly pair with everything from floral dresses to tailored trousers. Whether you're strolling through a park or heading to a brunch date, the Orange Fernando Slingbacks will keep you looking chic and feeling comfortable all day long.



Vandrélaar: Bold and innovative designs

For those who like to make a statement, Vandrélaar offers bold designs that never compromise on comfort. This spring, the Joni Sandals are a must-have which have gone viral on social networks. Made from an ultra smooth leather and designed with a minimalist aesthetic, these sandals are perfect for eco-conscious fashionistas. The Joni Sandals feature adjustable straps for a customized fit and come in earthy tones that complement any outfit. Pair them with your favorite denim or a flowing maxi dress for an effortlessly cool look that turns heads. Not that we are also huge fans of the Ruth Pumps, perfect in every occasion. 




Meeko: Sustainable and stylish

Sustainability is at the forefront of fashion, and Meeko is leading the charge with their eco-friendly designs. This season, their Lutra Sneakers are a standout. These sneakers feature a unique blend of vibrant orange color and geometric patterns, inspired by urban landscapes. Not only are they visually striking, but they also provide excellent support with their cushioned insoles and tear-proof Cordura material. Pair them with your favorite denim or a casual jumpsuit for a look that’s both stylish and kind to the planet.



MoEa: Athletic and eco-friendly

MoEa combines vintage aesthetic with environmental responsibility, making it ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle. Their GEN1 shoes are perfect for springtime activities, from morning jogs to weekend hikes. Made using sustainable materials like vegan leather and organic cotton, the GEN1 offer durability and comfort without sacrificing style. The sleek design and vibrant color options make them versatile enough to wear both day or night.



Eco-friendly footwear: how to choose your next pair of sneakers


Styling Tips for Spring Shoes

Mix and Match:

Don’t be afraid to pair your bold Vandrélaar pumps with a floral dress for an unexpected yet stylish combination.

Keep it Light:

Opt for lighter fabrics and colors in your clothing to complement the fresh, airy feel of spring.



Accessorize Wisely:

Add a touch of personality to your outfits with accessories like statement necklaces, colorful scarves, or a stylish hat that match your shoes.


This spring, embrace the season with shoes that reflect your style and values. Whether you prefer the elegant simplicity of Humaya, the bold designs of Vandrélaar, the sustainability of Meeko, or the athletic eco-friendliness of MoEa, there’s a perfect pair waiting for you. Step out in confidence and make this spring your most stylish one yet!

Happy spring, and happy shoe shopping!