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The Barbiecore trend: 90s nostalgia is back

The famous blonde doll is back in the spotlight, thanks to the release of the new Barbie movie. And with it, a new trend returns: Barbiecore. This trend, which draws its inspiration from the 90s, is characterized by a flashy, girly and very assertive aesthetic.

© Barbie

'90s nostalgia is at its peak, and it's reflected in the outfit choices of the hottest fashionistas. Floral prints, glitter, pastel colors and girly details are the key elements of Barbiecore. The looks are very assertive, with a sought-after touch of kitsch. Ruffled dresses, mini skirts, shirts, high boots and oversized denim jackets are the key pieces of this trend.

© Barbie

Barbiecore isn't just about clothes, it's a way of life. Accessories are just as important as the outfits themselves. High heels, oversized earrings and plush handbags are must-haves for Barbiecore fashionistas.

Makeup is also a key part of this trend. Glossy lips and glittery eyeshadow are essential for a successful Barbiecore look. Neatly manicured nails and wavy hairstyles complete the look perfectly.

Barbiecore is a trend that appeals to everyone, regardless of your age or body type. It allows you to have fun with fashion, to free yourself from strict codes and to indulge in a more fun and lighter aesthetic. So don't hesitate to take inspiration from the famous doll to add a touch of kitsch and glamor to your wardrobe.

In short, Barbiecore is the trend that takes us back to our childhood, with an added dose of modernity and glamor. So break out your frilly dresses, your floral shirts and your high heels, and become the adult version of your favorite doll.