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The new stylistic era of Brad Pitt

Celebrities spend a lot of time worrying about their style, but it's when they stop worrying about it and start dressing the way they want that the magic happens. The most striking example is that of Brad Pitt.

The 59-year-old actor seems to age like a fine wine. He's always been one of the most stylish men in Hollywood, but it seems he's finally taken advantage of his status as the movie industry's most powerful figure to usher in a new, hypereccentric personal aesthetic.

Brad Pitt style © Reuters

While promoting his latest film 'Bullet Train,' Brad Pitt showed up sporting some super comfortable yet stylish outfits that are helping to change the standards for acceptable red carpet attire - in a good way. .

So, do we prefer Brad now or Brad before? Does this new stylistic era officially give him the title of fashion icon like Timothée Chalamet or Harry Styles?

In any case, her elaborate outfits worn with simplicity are a pleasure to see!