Andrew Scott

He would make us commit all sins


The notoriety acquired by Andrew Scott thanks to "Fleabag" has not hindered his desire to explore new horizons. Andrew Scott has wreaked havoc on social media, becoming the hottest priest, attracting attention like a hurricane to a beach party - unstoppable and hard to avoid. With his latest film, All Of Us Strangers, Andrew Scott has made a place for himself in the world of cinema, bringing the same intense passion that he displays on stage.

Andrew Scott more than an actor: an artist.

In fact, it wasn't just acting that enlivened Andrew Scott's spirit, but art. At 17, he was offered his first film role the same day he won a scholarship to study painting. His mother being an art teacher, he spent his childhood "drawing and painting" and grew up with a sense of aesthetics and the craft of an artist. So it's no surprise that he has become an artist in his own right and his daily looks are as colorful as a painter's palette. He explained that we should no longer be afraid of color, but rather embrace the fact that we are breaking boundaries when it comes to gender and how we are supposed to wear clothes. Exciting, right?

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"Rules in fashion? No, thanks".

Off stage, wherever he is seen, his sense of style is summed up in these words: “Fashion Revolution”. He moves the lines of fashion, as well with a well-tailored suit as with denim or leather. Whether he's standing on the red carpet or strolling through London, he exudes an air of cool, calm and collected, as if he's on a mission to prove that he's the absolute master of style and sophistication . Its basics? The colorful blazers, denim or leather jackets that he combines to create iconic looks. Besides, checks, stripes, houndstooth: all the patterns go there. And it's true, he himself once said that he was really happy that fashion had become so eclectic and playful.


Andrew Scott makes each outfit his own as if he were born to wear it.

With Andrew, attitude is as important as clothing. With a confidence that could rival that of a lion, Scott makes each outfit his own as if he were born to wear it. And let's be real, we're all here for the show, eagerly awaiting her next fashion move like it's the finale of our favorite TV series.

Now it's your turn. Do like Andrew Scott and think fashion of the future. Indulge in the joy of exploration as you browse Andrew Scott's selection, guided by the expertise of seasoned stylists who understand the nuances of the latest trends. Much like Andrew Scott's penchant for pushing boundaries, RAFALE challenges the status quo and celebrates the colorful shopping experience.

Let your inner Andrew Scott take you on a fashion journey back to the future.

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