Inspyrations is a French brand deeply committed to making technical clothing as virtuous as possible. Their commitment is not limited to a capsule but encompasses the entirety of their production, from design to repair, and even disassembly for the reuse or upcycling of all materials.

All of the brand's products are made in their workshop in the Alps. It is in this workshop, imbued with a strong collective spirit, that they developed their exclusive WHY® technology. This heat-sealed assembly technology is revolutionizing the textile industry. It fully releases the characteristics of the materials, optimizes the performance of each product and allows circular operation of unrivaled efficiency.

Inspyrations' holistic approach is inspired by concepts such as "cradle to cradle", aiming to optimize each component and minimize or reuse waste as much as possible; or the philosophy of Kinstugi: the art of repairing ceramics, porcelain and earthenware by embellishing them.

Inspyrations products are designed to be repairable for life and each repair can make them unique, without ever altering their quality.

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