Jeremy Allen White, effortless sexy style

Known for his roles as Lip Gallagher in the series Shameless and as Chef Carmy Berzatto in the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning The Bear. The American actor invites you to express your sexy side thanks to the basics of your wardrobe.


Jeremy Allen White has not only captivated his audience with his performances, he has also become a style icon in the fashion world. White's distinct sense of style revolves around the art of elevating a basic wardrobe, presenting it in a way that makes it effortlessly sexy. This image of "effortless sexy" perfectly reflects Jeremy Allen White's approach to fashion. His choices show that he has perfectly understood that a good cut can transform even the simplest clothes into powerful fashion statements. The casual yet sexy combination of jeans and a white tee is an iconic ensemble that embodies White's style. Basic does not mean boring; on the contrary, it celebrates minimalism to create a casual look.

© Jeremy Allen White INSTAGRAM

The history of White's style draws parallels with the legendary James Dean and Marlon Brando. Both Dean and Brando display a cool and sexy rebellion with their timeless combinations of jeans, white tees and leather jackets.

© Marlon Brando / James Deans / WARNER BROS

More recently, this always sexy spirit of rebellion is found in the Calvin Klein campaign for which Jeremy Allen White is the muse. Calvin Klein, a brand of basics if ever there was one. The actor is the new face - and body - of Calvin Klein underwear. The line's spring 2024 campaign features White, along with his bulging abs. Posing in his hometown of New York, he shows the ease that underwear can bring to your life. Posted on January 4, the brand's first video promoting the campaign on TikTok reached more than 10.5 million views.

© Calvin Klein 24 advertising campaign

Likewise, Louis Gabriel Nouchi (LGN) offers a fresh perspective on masculine sexiness, emphasizing personal freedom and ease. Through its ready-to-wear collection, LGN presents a fusion of eroticism, fluidity and functionality. The collection's tops, jackets and pants feature elegant textures and neutral tones, creating an atmosphere of sexual tension coupled with a certain nonchalance. Jeremy Allen White and LGN share a desire to showcase the transformative power of fashion, whether through minimalist sophistication or a diverse exploration of masculine expression.

© LNG AW 19/20 advertising campaign

In everyday life, White wears shirts and other basics; pieces that are easy to wear and that we all have in our closets. That's what makes the magic of her outfit. No need to worry about details, let the magic of simplicity create your outfits. And it’s obviously not just for men, the boundaries between traditional gender norms are blurring. Inspiring a new generation to explore fashion without constraints, we encourage you to embrace whatever you want!

Feel free to explore and embrace the allure of effortless sexiness yourself.

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