Humaya Paris

Precursors of committed fashion, Humaya pushes the boundaries of fashion with their unique vision: upcycled leather shoes. As pioneers of this bold trend, each pair created is a perfect fusion of style and sustainability.
Their environmentally friendly approach not only does good for the planet, it also does good for our feet!
They offer shoes that are colorful, feminine, fun and full of lightness, of course, but above all made to offer an unrivaled walking experience. Their soft and comfortable soles provide us with optimal support.
Whether you're looking for shoes for a busy day or a wild evening, their timelessness makes them perfect for any occasion.
In addition to being eco-responsible, upcycling allows Humaya to offer us colors in limited series. Because yes, when a stock of leather is exhausted, no restocking is possible. By choosing one of their models, you have a unique and exclusive piece.

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