The Dyás

Their name, the Dyás, comes from the term used by Aristotle to designate the "indeterminate duality" of permanence and change. Fashion changes, but the clothes they make are permanent, as is their environmental and social impact. By creating unique pieces of wearable art from sustainable sources and production, the Dyás team embraces the “indeterminate duality” of permanence and change by creating for the present and for the future.
The Dyás is a slow fashion initiative that collaborates with emerging artists from various disciplines. Serving as a creative community platform, The Dyás combines ethics, sustainability and creativity through craftsmanship and design to create treasured garments that will last a lifetime and beyond. By reducing their impact, reusing goods and emphasizing the sustainability of their supply chain, Dyás is an initiative that is transforming the existing fashion industry. At the same time, the brand is committed to never losing the magic and art that characterizes fashion and that has made everyone who is part of this industry fall in love with its creativity.

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