Who are we ?

We think that fashion needs, more than ever, a big refresh, a big sweep that would finally make it innovative, sustainable and always creative.

At the origin of Rafale, a pair: Romy and Laure, both from the luxury industry.

Rafale has become the name of our platform, a name that reflects what we think about this industry that we love as much as we hate.

“We were tired of spending hours scrolling through marketplaces, finding ourselves with 15 tabs open and finally closing everything because we had more time or we didn’t like it.”

To really highlight all of these brands that Rafale works with, we wanted to create inspiring worlds and transform the online shopping experience.

“We wanted to make shopping hyper-interactive, entertaining and as high-quality as in stores.”

Rafale is the online shopping platform of the future, which also involves ultra-personalization. Thanks to its algorithm, Rafale will be able to offer selections of pieces made just for you.

This feature is currently under development, we will keep you informed of our progress very quickly.