Our mission


Rafale's ambition is to change the way we look at sustainable fashion and help make the fashion industry more responsible, creative and fun.

Our approach


Rafale is a smart fashion platform that reinvents your online fashion shopping experience thanks to 3 key features:

A smart way to shop

Thanks to our selections of products inspired by trends, films, celebrities, we take you into worlds where you can get inspired and buy products while already knowing how and with what to wear them.

Smart eco-responsibility

Products sorted according to their composition and their place of manufacture to ensure minimal environmental impact by taking into account the technical needs of each product and industrial constraints.

Smart curation

We find and introduce you to the most desirable brands carefully selected to integrate the Rafale universe. Creativity and style guaranteed.




Our vision of sustainable fashion is imperfect and constantly evolving. Promote sustainable fashion with transparency and expertise, while avoiding moralism.


Provide fun and creative content with a fresh tone. Offer an inclusive and down-to-earth approach, welcoming everyone without elitism or pretension.


Through our content, our shopping experience and our selection, we highlight brands that put innovation and enthusiasm at the forefront.


Create a unique, inspiring and engaging shopping experience through product selections enriched by innovative digital technologies.

The team

About us

"We were tired of spending hours scrolling through marketplaces, ending up with 15 tabs open and finally closing everything because we had more time or didn't like it"

“We wanted to make shopping hyper-interactive, entertaining and as high-quality as in stores”

Rafale was born from our desire to allow everyone to find and assert their style.

Behind this project, we are Romy and Laure , two fashion enthusiasts. We have spent our entire careers in this industry and we know the challenges well.

This is why we developed our smart fashion platform .