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Size: S
Color: LightSkyBlue


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Pourquoi ce produit est un smart choice ?

Il répond aux critères de mode raisonnée Rafale et voici pourquoi tu peux l'acheter les yeux fermés.

Pourquoi ce produit est un smart choice ?

🌱 Recycled cotton

Recycled cotton is a very interesting fiber, but one that is still not widely used in the textile industry. It's interesting because it enables the revalorization of a material that was previously considered waste. However, like all fibers, cotton can lose quality when recycled. It is therefore still necessary to blend it with conventional or organic cotton to guarantee the quality of the finished product.

🌍 Provenance

At Rafale, we pay close attention not only to the composition of our products, but also to their origin. We have validated this product because it comes from a country where working conditions are dignified and/or from a supplier evaluated and verified by the brand or a label.

💯 100%

Products with a 100% fiber composition are preferred, as they are much easier to recycle. Indeed, it's still difficult today to separate the fibers of a single material, and products composed of a mixture of fibers present a real problem at the end of their life. For circular fashion, we're pushing single-fiber to the max!

Details and maintenance


100% upcycled cotton

Made in France

Composition and maintenance

100% upcycled cotton

Size: S
Color: LightSkyBlue

Pourquoi on aime HELLO WORLD ?

Des poches en moyenne 48% plus petites, 6,5% plus étroites, voire carrément inexistantes… Les femmes ont toutes des histoires de poches, ou plutôt d’absence de poches.
C'est ce combat pour l'égalité jusque dans le vêtement qui a fait naître Hello World Collective. Hello World veut mener une révolution positive, pour un monde où l’on accepte enfin de voir la puissance féminine, où l’on a les mains et l’esprit libre et où l’écologie et le féminisme ne sont qu’un seul et même combat.
Hello World veut conquérir le monde, les mains dans les poches !