Samsoe Samsoe

Viktor straight wool turtleneck sweater

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Color: Green
Size: M


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🐑 Wool

What could be better than wool for our stylish, warm winter outfits? It's soft, hardwearing, breathable and thermoregulating. We love it and need it in our closets.
However, it raises real questions about the treatment of the animals that supply it to us. At Rafale, we prefer wool with a label (RWS, RMS, OPF etc.), but there are still too few labelled products today, which is why we continue to offer you classic wool products. But we hope to see only wool from happy animals in circulation very soon!

✋ Missing information about this product

Because being transparent is super important for us, beware of this product whose composition we have validated but have been unable to obtain any information on its provenance.
We're doing our best to fill in the missing information.

💯 100%

Products with a 100% fiber composition are preferred, as they are much easier to recycle. Indeed, it's still difficult today to separate the fibers of a single material, and products composed of a mixture of fibers present a real problem at the end of their life. For circular fashion, we're pushing single-fiber to the max!

Details and maintenance


100% Wool

Composition and maintenance

100% Wool

Color: Green
Size: M

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