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Country girl, pop icon, girl next door: Taylor Swift

Country girl, pop icon, girl next door: Taylor Swift is constantly evolving and so is her style.

Acclaimed, criticized, criticized, observed, rewarded… Taylor Swift never stops talking about her. We're going to talk to you about his outfits and how to capture this style that's so simple but sophisticated and not always inspiring, in short, a real karma chameleon cat.

As Swifties compete for spots on her new world tour “Eras Tour” where she explores her journey through 16 iconic looks, Taylor Swift inevitably seems to represent us for better and for worse. She invites us to look at these last twenty years and from her little floral dresses to an assertive red lip, through her unfailing support for the LGBT community, the path traveled is also that of the empowerment of a young woman in an often cruel music industry.

Taylor Swift concerts: the best looks spotted among Swifties

While the #MeToo movements continue and spread across all industries and professions, accompanied by mainstream films like Barbie which tell us about the daily and stifling dangers of patriarchy, Taylor Swift teaches us that style is is also: powerful friendships and a good dose of self-mockery about his dating life!

How do celebrities influence fashion?

Taylor started in country music after having a passion for musicals without much success, as it turns out! Just like Miley Cyrus, she will start with fringes and cowboy boots. A chic cowboy style that is back in force this year! We love the country-pop aesthetic with the combination of fringed western or Roaring Twenties dresses and more modern sequins borrowed in particular from the drag queens of RuPaul's Drag Race that she frequents and defends.

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Taylor Swift's outfit basics

Very influenced by New York, it is then a set of varied looks but always in the trends of the moment that Taylor will sport. Resolutely anchored in our times, Taylor adapts many styles and she likes to combine simple and carefully chosen pieces. Today, this simplicity shines through in her looks captured by the paparazzi of the biggest cities.

Taylor Swift's outfit staples often include classic pieces with a twist, like retro-chic dresses, sleek co-ords, and bold accessories that add a modern touch. Whether on stage or on the streets, Taylor masters the art of combining simple elements with unique details to create unforgettable looks that captivate her audiences and inspire fashion fans around the world.

We only have one thing to say: You go girl!