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Understanding everything about the gorpcore style

At the end of the 2010s, the fashion world took over mountaineering and hiking clothing to create the aptly named Gorpcore style. It was Balenciaga, Gucci and The North Face who hijacked outdoor clothing and transformed it into premium fashion essentials. We explain how these clothes were transformed to create one of the coolest styles of the moment.
3 Gorpcore looks for men and women
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Where does Gorpcore come from?

Gorpcore is a fashion trend that combines style and practicality. Derived from "GORP", an acronym for "Good Old Raisins and Peanuts", the term refers to the mix of rugged outdoor clothing and casual wear. The magic recipe? Fuses hiking shoes, cargo pants, technical jackets and down jackets with a touch of luxury branding; and you get the Gorpcore.

The trend has gained popularity due to its emphasis on comfort, practicality and durability, embodying a sense of nostalgia for the great outdoors, even when worn in an urban environment. It was seen as a reaction to fashion standards that were more restrictive and less practical, and grew as more people sought more versatile clothing.

Why is Gorpcore a lasting trend?

In an age where comfort and functionality are increasingly appreciated, Gorpcore style offers the perfect combination of utility and fashion. The latest pandemic also played a significant role in the rise of this trend. People now want natural settings and even if they can't go to the mountains, they can at least give the impression of going there.

Publications like The Cut and Vogue have written extensively about this trend, which likely helped popularize the term and the style itself to a wider audience. Gorpcore fashion is often associated with brands like Patagonia, The North Face, REI and Arc'teryx, among others, who were producing this type of outdoor gear long before the term "Gorpcore" appeared in our lingo.

Our guide to wearing Gorpcore

Gorpcore outfits are functional clothing inspired by outdoor and adventure gear. Here are some key elements that can be found in a typical Gorpcore outfit:
For the upper body:
- Down jackets or down jackets: generally with a high fill rate for maximum warmth.
- Fleece sweaters: They can have a partial or full zip to transform into a jacket and are either in bright colors or natural colors.
- Waterproof jackets: a light, waterproof jacket can be a good layering item.

For the lower body:
- Cargo pants or hiking pants: These have many pockets and are usually made from a durable, quick-drying fabric.
- Rain pants: light and waterproof, they can be layered over other pants if the weather requires it.
For accessories:
- Belt bags or fanny packs: a basic item for carrying the essentials without the need for a full backpack.
Beanies or caps: Depending on the season, a hat can add an extra layer of warmth or protection from the sun.
Backpack or day bag: Usually from a well-known outdoor brand and with several compartments.
For the shoes:
- Hiking boots: robust, resistant and often waterproof.
- Running shoes: a lighter option that still offers good grip and support.
Salomon is for us the Gorpcore sneaker brand par excellence.

Our final tip is that when putting together a Gorpcore outfit, the key is to find a balance between function and fashion. The pieces should be practical and high quality, and ideally come from recognized outdoor brands, but also be chosen to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look. Mixing and matching textures, like the sleekness of a fleece jacket and the ruggedness of cargo pants, can add depth and interest to your outfit. Let's go!