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At Rafale we are a little obsessed with Danish style. With its fashion week which is becoming more and more talked about and its very particular aesthetic which combines colours, timeless and comfort, we dream of a wardrobe full of fashion pieces in Copenhagen style.


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Eco-responsibility, shapes, emerging designers

In recent years, the city of Copenhagen has become increasingly important in the fashion landscape and this is largely thanks to the unique style of the Danes and their commitment to ecological issues in fashion.
In Copenhagen, the clothing style is generally relaxed, minimalist and focused on functionality. The Danes tend to opt for simple but well-cut clothing, often in bright colors, to contrast with the local weather. Wool and leather clothing are popular due to the city's often cold and humid climate.
It should be noted that sustainability and ethics are important concerns for many Danes, which explains why they favor second-hand fashion and ethical brands.


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