With this never-ending winter, we just want to pack our bags and go out and sunbathe. And who better to show us the way to sunny style than the Portuguese girlies?

Flowing dresses with flamboyant prints, sparkling accessories that catch the light, we want outfits that dance with the wind and radiate good humor. So say hello to neutral and dull colors, pack your suitcase and let us guide you through a selection of fashion must-haves that will make you shine like a true Lisbon girl under the sun! ☀️

@vicmontanari Inspired by how to dress like a CPH girlie here we have the portuguese girlie version hahaha 🤣 disclaimer ive lived here for the past 6 yrs but not really from here 🫰🏼 found my style here tho! 💛 hope u like it!!! #portuguesegirls ♬ vicmontanari how to dress like a PT girlie - vicky
@ritamontezuma Love this trend 🫶🏼 @vicky ♬ vicmontanari how to dress like a PT girlie - vicky
@violetacolombo This is more my style #mixandmatch #portugesegirls thanks @vicky ♬ vicmontanari how to dress like a PT girlie - vicky

Lisbon, a new fashion capital?

We were already fans of its pasteis, its beaches and its iconic trams, so we were impatiently waiting for Lisbon fashion to assert itself.

Portugal is one of the European countries that produces the most fashion products. In the workshops in the north of the country, towards Porto, there are manufacturers of knitwear, sneakers and other clothing and accessories. There is real know-how, and even large houses are turning to Portugal, particularly to produce their t-shirts. Find out the country of origin of your logo t-shirt from your favorite luxury brand, it probably comes from Portugal.

With Lisbon Fashion Week constantly evolving and local influencers becoming more and more talked about with their colorful Portuguese style, Lisbon is becoming an essential fashion destination.

We think of @vicmontanari and @ritamontezuma , our current fashion crushes who make us want to mix all the colors in our wardrobe every day.

The “Lisboate style” finds a place alongside the iconic Parisian chic and the London underground. At Rafale, we introduce you to this new style, guaranteed to fall in love with you. Soak up this unique fusion of tradition and modernity, with its bursts of color and relaxed yet sophisticated attitude.

The to do for dressing like a Portuguese Girlie

Whether it's spending a week in Lisbon, a few days in Barcelona or a weekend by the sea, we adopt the style of the Portuguese girlies.

  • We start with a "funky pant", including pants that are a little fun, whether in terms of their pattern or their color. In summer, you can adapt this advice by opting for a skirt or shorts.
  • Then we find a top that, at first glance, doesn't match. It is the art of combining bad patterns in the right way.
  • We will combine our prettiest ballerinas, ugly shoes or sneakers.
  • And we emphasize this bold mix of colors by adding colorful accessories to our outfit. It's time to take out your pink, yellow, orange and green bags.
Butter yellow: the trendy color for summer 2024

Summer is the season of vibrant colors, sunny days and weekends spent on the terrace or strolling. What better way to embody this summer spirit than to integrate the color yellow into your wardrobe? Radiant, joyful and full of life, yellow is the perfect shade to brighten up your summer outfits.

Butter yellow, mustard, lemon, straw or canary: yellow is the color of the season. It immediately evokes the sun, joy, warmth: everything we dream of for this summer. Whether you choose to wear a total yellow look or add subtle touches to your outfit with accessories, yellow will always bring a dose of cheerfulness and freshness to your look.

The Rafale team's vibrant outfits to adopt in one click

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