In a world where fashions change at the speed of light, a trend emerges and endures, drawing its inspiration from the deep roots of classic elegance: the “Old Money” aesthetic. Cousin of "Quiet Luxury", reminiscent of rich heirs and families established for generations, this sober and sophisticated style is coming back to the forefront, driven by young people eager for authenticity and quality. Let's explore this phenomenon, whose hashtag #OldMoney has almost a million posts on Instagram, which reminds us that true class never goes out of style.

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A fashion that whispers

Far from glitz and garish logos, the “Old Money” aesthetic advocates a more subtle approach to wealth. Think cable-knit sweaters delicately thrown over polo shirts, crisply ironed Oxford shirts, and navy blazers that evoke private clubs and prestigious universities. This trend, which has been viral for some time on TikTok and Instagram, refers to iconic figures such as Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and JFK Jr., or even vintage advertisements from Ralph Lauren and J.Crew.

The roots of Old Money elegance

The attraction for this style is not new. “Old Money” fashion has always embodied a certain vision of discreet success and innate sophistication. Far from extravagance, it favors quality and durability. In literary and cinematic works, from The Great Gatsby to The Talented Mr. Ripley, this aesthetic has always symbolized a world where refinement is king.

The new wave of Old Money style

But why this comeback now? The answer lies in our collective desire to get back to basics, exacerbated by the omnipresence of social media. Series like “Succession” popularized this look, with characters whose wardrobes are masterclasses in “quiet luxury.”

The “Old Money” aesthetic is not just a trend, it represents a return to the roots of timeless elegance. For our part at Rafale, we love to see the rebirth of this trend which honors well-cut pieces, carefully chosen materials, durability and craftsmanship. You'll find our selection of favorite pieces so you too can adopt the trend in style.

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