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On the occasion of his international tour for the release of Wonka, we look at Timothée Chalamet's style and we adopt it! In collaboration with the fan page @chlmt_t

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Bye bye men's wardrobe standards

This history of the Roman Empire that many men think about daily, I wonder if it wouldn't be the sign of a desire to wear dresses rather than nostalgia for power, right?

Society often grapples with the question of what is or is not acceptable for a woman to wear in public. It is a hot topic in certain countries at the moment, including France, but it has always been a controlled, debated and transgressed notion. In some countries, like India, it is tolerated to show your stomach, but not your legs. In others, it is allowed to go topless on the beach as long as you cover your buttocks; or, like in Brazil, wearing mini-mini bikinis is common but showing your nipples on the beach is out of the question. The question is therefore very moving and above all totally imbued with the different cultures in which it arises.

Conversely, overall we all seem to have agreed on the male dress code. When you shop for your swimsuit, you won't have to hesitate for long between the thong and the shorts; a man's buttocks are covered. Shoulders and legs are ok but only in certain narratives, if you go to the gym or walk in a seaside village in the summer for example. Going bare-chested can also be accepted in certain situations, but if you want to wear crop tops to show off your stomach: drop it, it's not for you.

We break the codes

So faced with these super heavy standards, what a pleasure to see guys like Timothée Chalamet. He dares to break all these codes to wear what he likes, even if it means showing his shoulders, his bare back or his neckline.

In the city, Timothée Chalamet is team streetwear, super stylish but comfortable: sneakers, jogging pants, down jackets, caps and oversized t-shirts.

On the red carpets, however, Timothée transforms and masters androgynous fashion with taste and precision. Above all, he knows how to surround himself. Close to Virgil Abloh before his death, he adopted the designer's style and wore his creations for Louis Vuitton. In 2019, he dared to wear a fully embroidered harness at the Golden Globes; an accessory that takes a black shirt, black pants outfit to a whole new level. He is also close to Haider Ackermann, who dresses her very regularly and who gave her one of her most striking looks: a backless lava red ensemble.

The dressing approach

Currently, on the occasion of his tour to present the release of his new film Wonka, he stands out on each date as a style icon. He adopts the dressing approach method, which consists of bringing the character of a project to life through the style of the actor or actress who embodies it. Sheer sequin top in Paris, lavender latex outfit in Tokyo and pink velvet suit in London. We are fans and we are just waiting for the rest of the tour.

But let's not be mistaken. Timothée Chalamet does not change his personality between street and glitter, both facets belong to the same style. And although the shapes range from oversized sweatshirts to fitted blazers, from completely transparent tops to big down jackets, the Timothée Chalamet style is recognizable by two permanent characteristics: colors and shine. Not always used on the same outfit, but we notice that he does not hesitate to wear almost all the colors that exist, in patterned or plain version as well as shiny fabrics whether satin, velvet, latex or embroidery. It’s completely validated on our side!

So to conclude, we're super excited about this new generation of superstar guys who are pushing gender-fluid fashion, these celebrities who are redefining men's fashion like Bad Bunny, Harry Styles or Timothée Chalamet. Added to this crew are designers like Louis Gabriel Nouchi or Ludovic de Saint Sernin who are working to redefine masculinity through clothing. We have a little thought for Jean-Paul Gaultier who certainly laid the foundations which allow this new generation to go further. This trend has not yet really gone beyond the fashion sphere so far, so let's see if we are witnessing a profound change in codes or if this style will disappear into the limbo of forgotten trends with tecktonik and NFTs .

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A post shared by Timothée chalamet fanpage 🪐 (@chlmt_t)

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A post shared by Timothée chalamet fanpage 🪐 (@chlmt_t)

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A post shared by Timothée chalamet fanpage 🪐 (@chlmt_t)

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